For a long time, inactivated and autolysed brewer's yeasts have been used as natural and sustainable ingredients to increase the acceptance of various feeds.  Brewer's yeast extracts also offer unique taste effects and functions due to their multifunctional ingredients such as peptides, amino acids and nucleotides. Leiber NuTaste® has been specially developed for use on animals.

Leiber NuTaste® products offer a portfolio of natural flavours that can be used pure or in combination with other yeast extracts. NuTaste® thus offers a very broad range of applications for product developers and ration optimisers due to the increased attractiveness, palatability or flavour refinement of a feed and thus an increased feed intake.

Leiber's proprietary production processes ensure high quality, standardised food grade products with unique taste profiles ranging from brothy, meaty, savoury to umami and roasted BBQ notes. Some NuTaste® products are characterised by additional colouring or nutritive effects in addition to the taste effects. This allows the products to enhance individual flavours, reduce the salt content in the product, replace artificial colourings or be used for vegetarian and vegan applications e.g. in PetFood. Leiber NuTaste® is therefore suitable for a wide range of customer-specific requirements and applications.

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