From May 13, 2019, the Limagrain Group, which specializes in the processing of natural resources and grains, will change its name from Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients to Limagrain Ingredients.

 This name change applies to all companies, including Unicorn Grain Specialties BV and Unicorn Grain Specialties GmbH, the two companies that joined Limagrain Ingredients last year.
The new name Limagrain Ingredients stands for the groups international activities. Today, the products are sold in 58 countries and generate a turnover of nearly 150 million euros. Every year more than 330,000 tonnes of grain are processed in seven production sites across Europe. Although grain remains the core commodity, future growth could also come from other crops, such as legumes and other high-protein crops.
Limagrain Ingredients is convinced that a healthy diet leads to a better quality of life. Grain is an essential part of this healthy diet.
The task of Limagrain Ingredients is to optimally release the natural potential of grain. The production processes of Limagrain guarantee 100 % natural products with distinct functionalities. The processing techniques, such as grinding, heat treatment, pressure cooking or extrusion, are purely natural processes.
Limagrains production chain provides reliable control, from breeding to processing. With full traceability, 100 % trusted products are offered to the customers.
Limagrain Ingredients serves six international markets:
Bakeries, culinary specialties, snacks, breakfast cereals, pet food and horse feed as well as juvenile feed (piglets and calves, etc.), as well as two regional markets, the traditional bakeries and the wood pellets industry.

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