Pea products and proteins have been used in pet food for many years, but there is a growing interest in their use. One driver has been the rapid growth of non-grain pet foods, but also the nutritional and functional properties are of interest in several applications in the range of pet foods and treats.
Limagrain Ingredients launches an extruded yellow pea flour product specially for pet food.
This new ingredient provides a formulation with greater nutritional values while helping manufacturers meet consumer demands for grain-free and clean-label pet foods.
The yellow peas undergo an extrusion process in which the pea is heat treated. After this process the flour has a protein content of 22% along with full pregelatinized starch, fiber and a small amount of fat.
The extruded pea flour is a good natural source of thiamine, phosphorous, folate, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It contains carotenoids and other known cell antioxidants.
The extruded pea flour also has great functional properties including emulsifying- and high binding capacity. It has a positive influence on the structure of a pet snack. Fiber in peas have a relatively high level of insoluble fiber, which can help provide a feeling of fullness and aid passage of food through the diet.
Besides all that it is a versatile ingredient for applications in dry, wet and semi-moist with many attractive features. Their grain-free and plant-based status, microbiological stability along with the sustainability factor makes it a great ingredient to use with the Benefits
• Grain and gluten free
• Natural source of i.e. folate, iron, potassium and magnesium
• High binding capacity
• High in insoluble fiber
• Microbiological stable
• Sustainable and non GMO
• Reduction of the ANF.

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