AB Texel Group expands service offering

AB Texel Group

The logistics service provider is adding truck-mounted forklifts to its fleet of curtainsider trailers. This makes it possible to unload general cargo and bagged goods even in difficult locations.

The new transportable forklifts of AB Texel Group are Terberg Kinglifters. They are equipped with 4-way mode, allowing AB drivers to unload the curtainsider trailer even in narrow streets, the company says. Another advantage, it says, is independence from equipment at the unloading site: the driver always has his own forklift with him. With the expansion of the fleet, AB Texel Group aims to offer complete solutions for all logistics problems of its customers in the agricultural and food industry. Dennis Wetenkamp, CEO of AB Texel Group: "We like to support our customers in all areas of the logistics process. Our tailor-made dashboards provide an immediate overview. With almost 100 years of knowledge and experience, we rise to any logistics challenge."

AB Texel Group specializes in the transportation of potatoes and other agricultural products, flour, animal feed, liquid dairy products and chilled foods. The company employs 1,950 people and has a fleet of more than 1,250 trucks and 2,000 trailers. AB Texel Group says it operates throughout much of Europe and has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Apart from logistics, AB Texel Group also offers warehousing and cross-docking facilities.