The Simadan Group has found suitable partners for the takeover of the Simadan Group with the Dutch investment company Parcom Capital and the British conglomerate John Swire & Sons.
The Simadan Group consists of five parts:
Rotie - specialized company for the emptying of grease separators as well as the collection, processing and recycling of used grease and organic industrial waste;
Noba - renowned manufacturer of high-energy fatty products for the European feed industry with sister companies in Germany and Austria;
Biodiesel Amsterdam (BDA) - leading producer of second generation biodiesel from used cooking fats and oils;
Tankstorage Amsterdam (TSA) - tanker company for edible oils and fats and biodiesel;
Tank & Truck Cleaning Amsterdam (CSA) - Tank and truck cleaning service in Amsterdam Harbor.
As part of this transaction, John Swire & Sons will house the BDA, TSA and CSA businesses in Argent Energy under its renewable energy strategy. Argent Energy is a division of the British family-owned company and a leading biodiesel producer in the United Kingdom with a production capacity of 145 million liters of biodiesel.
Parcom Capital will take over the business units Rotie and Noba. Parcom Capital has
entered into an agreement simultaneously with the Simadan transaction with Marvesa Oils & Fats, a well-known, internationally active animal feed commodity trading and distribution company. Noba's operations will be integrated into Marvesa Oils & Fats. The result of the merger will be a leading manufacturer and logistics service provider for raw materials in the animal feed industry.