“Feeding primary antioxidant combination selenium yeast Alkosel and vegetal SOD Melofeed to finishing beef bulls helps improve meat quality”, this is the main conclusion of a recent trial performed at the Universidad Politéchnia de Madrid, in Spain, confirming previous trial with selenium yeast.

Today, meat quality is a key criteria of choice for consumers, processors, and retailers. Meat quality is defined by three types of parameters:
- Composition: lean to fat ratio, meat percentage, intramuscular fat, marbling, protein, and muscle area
- Physical/functional criteria: water holding capacity, isometric tension, muscle fiber shortening, pH, and cooking loss
- Palatability, or organoleptic criteria: appearance (color), juiciness, tenderness, odor and flavor
A trial was conducted by the department of Animal Production from Universidad Politécnica of Madrid, in Spain, on Angus bulls in finishing period. The animals were supplemented for 52 days with a combination of antioxidant sources ALKOSEL (selenium-enriched yeast) and MELOFEED (Melon juice concentrate, rich in SOD).
Meat quality parameters were measured on beef chops after over twelve days of maturation. Meat color was assessed with spectrocolorimeter and tenderness with the Warner-Braztler method, which measures the firmness of the muscle (inversely proportional to tenderness).
Results indicate that the tone of the meat color and tenderness were significantly improved with the antioxidant supplementation (P<0.1).
These results further confirm previous data from Padova University (Cozzi et al., 2011) on Charolais beef, showing that Selenium yeast supplementation (ALKOSEL), improved meat processing and organoleptic qualities. In this trial, Charolais beef were supplemented during the finishing period (140 days), and meat quality was evaluated after five and ten days of maturation, showing in both cases:
- A reduction of meat drip loss during maturation, offering better yield for the slaughterhouse
 - Improved meat tenderness
 - Enhanced meat aspect (lightness).

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