Soycon 50 EU
Soycon 50 EU

In the current difficult market situation for soy raw materials and non-GMO qualities in particular, NOACK Deutschland GmbH has succeeded in developing two soy protein concentrates together with na European partner which are available to the market with immediate effect. With SOYCON® 50 GM and SOYCON® 50 EU, the company now offers two new soy protein concentrates from reliable European production.

 SOYCON® 50 GM is a cost-effective SPC made from GM soy; primarily of European origin. For the VLOG-certified SOYCON® 50 EU - as the name suggests - only non-GM soy raw materials from Europe are processed.

Both SPCs meet the requirements for the prevention of deforestation according to the Amsterdam Declaration (#deforestation, #Zero-gross). This is a contribution to the reduction of the ecological fingerprint and to more sustainability.

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