Fabian Wüstefeld
Fabian Wüstefeld

NOACK Deutschland GmbH strengthens its team from 01. May with Fabian Wüstefeld. Wüstefeld completed his Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics in Bingen and moved to the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn for the Master's degree in Animal Sciences. After his successful graduation Wüstefeld started as Key Account Manager of a large mineral feed manufacturer and supervised pig fattening and rearing farms in NRW and Hesse.

After an extensive induction period, Wüstefeld is now a competent partner for the feed industry and agricultural trade in the regions North, East and along the Rhine as a competent contact person from the initial consultation to the application recommendation and the concrete offer.

NOACK Deutschland GmbH, based in Warendorf, has been selling functional special raw materials and supplements to promote animal health for more than 30 years. The portfolio includes linseed extrudates, whole egg powder, yeasts, protein concentrates, lauric acid and specific acid mixtures, polyphenols, phytogens and disinfectants.

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