When Dan Meagher returned to Novus International, Inc. to become CEO and president last year he said it was the people that brought him back to the company after a six-year hiatus. Now he’s putting his trust in the hands of his employees.
“Since my return to Novus in October I’ve been evaluating what the company needs to do to become the gut health leader I know that it can be,” Meagher said.
This evaluation led to implementing a new corporate structure and establishing a regional operating model that aims to create a lean and agile company with decision-making closer to the customer. These changes are part of a multi-phase strategic plan called “Project Destiny.”
Meagher also announced his new Executive Leadership Team to lead the company in its pursuit to become “a leader in gut health solutions for the sustainable production of protein through nutrition.” Meagher said that in assembling the new structure and the leadership team, Novus remains resolute in its vision: “To help feed the world wholesome, affordable food and improve the quality of life.”
The new Executive Leadership Team is:
Dan Meagher, President & CEO, David Dowell, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Maria Burt, Vice President and Chief Human Resourcey Officer, Randy Khalaf, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Carla Martin, Vice President, General  Counsel and Chief Complience Officer, Ed Galo, Vice Prresident, Chief Commercial Officer - Americas, Valbhav Nagpal, Vice Prresident, Chief Commercial Officer - Asia, Uwe Ranft, Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer - EMEA.

Meagher said that by implementing the changes outlined in Project Destiny, the company will reduce complexity, simplify processes, as well as provide higher autonomy and accountability.
“We have a team of highly motivated and intelligent agriculture professionals working for us around the world,” Meagher said. “The Executive Leadership Team’s goal is to give them the tools and the support that they need so they can make a difference with our customers. Under this new structure we are demonstrating the respect and trust that we have in our people.”
He said that one example of this is in Novus’s research and development department.
“We have a fantastic team of innovative scientists, researchers, and research partners, and we have a powerful foundation in the HMTBa molecule. All of this puts Novus in a position to develop new technologies and expand on our current solutions.”
Methionine hydroxy analogue, or HMTBa [2-hydroxy 4-(methylthio) butanoic acid], is a form of methionine, an essential amino acid and necessary nutrient in commercial animal agriculture. Along with its methionine products, the versatility of the HMTBa molecule has allowed Novus to create a line of organic trace minerals, nutritional feed acids, and other solutions that positively affect animal’s gut health and ultimately impact growth and development.

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