Novus European Swine Roundtable takes interest in the Challenges of Hyperprolific Sows

Novus International, Inc. has hosted a European Swine Nutrition Roundtable in Barcelona, November, 27-28, bringing together European pig industry’s leading experts to share knowledge and learn opportunities in swine production.
Nowadays, sows are more productive than before due to the enormous progress in the industry. Although, this new generation of sows brings some new challenges that require innovative nutrition and management solutions. With this event, Novus has brought awareness on the topic in helping to update the nutritional and management approaches matching producer challenges.
The roundtable gathered 28 participants from across Europe to discuss the challenges and new tendencies on nutrition and management of sows and piglets. Recognized key opinion leaders of the swine industry in Spain presented their innovative approaches:
Antonio Palomo Yagüe, University of Minnesota-UCM-SETNA/ADM, made an exhaustive review of the new requirements and challenges of hyperprolific sows. “Sows need more micronutrients than macronutrients. This is the same that is happening in economy”, indicated Palomo. “And the most important is the quality of these micronutrients”. On this regard, a 2-year field trial conducted in Spain was shown, comparing three different sources of trace minerals in sows. The trial demonstrated superior benefits of MINTREX on sow reproduction and development of the progeny parameters compared to other trace minerals, both organic and inorganic. Novus experts explained how the exclusive MINTREX bis-chelate molecule, which is highly bioavailable for an optimized absorption, is the responsible for these improvements.

Simon Tibble, Director of Innovation and Development, Alternative Swine Nutrition (ASN), addressed an exhaustive description on the challenges and management of piglets during the nursery and post-weaning phases. “Optimizing sow nutrition and management pre and postpartum is key to ensure correct optimal colostrum intake per piglet. Adequate nutrition and management of creep feeding to ensure intestinal maturation, quality raw materials and support of the immune system are factors that need to be considered from a holistic perspective,” said Tibble.

Joan Sanmartín, General Manager, Optimal Pork Production (OPP), clarified the new reference parameters on productivity and health designed by his group to respond to the current needs of the industry, as well as the innovation models he is using to optimize productivity. In addition, he offered a webcam tour to the farm Albesa Ramadera in Lleida, Spain. “This innovative P Plus farm has 3,300 sows and is also used as a training center and model farm to show how it meets animal welfare regulations and uses the latest technologyexplained Sanmartín.

These collaborations are key to reveal the areas of high priority in the swine industry. Novus aim is to take the insights from the event to further develop effective approaches to boost animal performance and producer profitability through its solutions.

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