Zero Zinc Summit
Zero Zinc Summit

As a leader in swine nutrition, Novus International, Inc. experts joined industry decision makers at the Zero Zinc Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 17-18 June, to promote its latest research to replace zinc oxide (ZnO).
The limitation of ZnO use in Europe is a challenge for the swine industry, but it also provides an opportunity to explore alternative zinc sources that will help make swine production more sustainable. The summit was an opportunity for Novus to share its latest findings on protected organic acids and mineral strategies that will help swine producers worldwide to put weaning without ZnO into practice.
Dr. Marisol Castillo, senior technical services manager and research and development coordinator for Novus Europe provided an oral presentation on Novus’s protect benzoic acid product, PROVENIA™. In a study conducted on commercial farms, trial results showed that PROVENIA™ supplementation improved performance, and resulted in higher average daily gain and better feed conversion ratio in piglets compared to using 2,500 mg/kg ZnO. Piglets fed PROVENIA also showed a clear reduction in medication costs, diarrhea incidence and mortality, and microbiota profiles exhibited differences on biodiversity and composition, demonstrating the beneficial effect of PROVENIA on gut health. These results support previous findings in experimental and commercial studies demonstrating that PROVENIA is a valuable tool to consider when replacing ZnO to avoid piglet post weaning health challenges.
Novus shared new findings on its MINTREX® chelated trace mineral products. A poster presentation during the event showed that supplementing zinc from MINTREX® Zn at just 100 mg/kg could replace pharmacological levels of zinc from ZnO 2000 mg/kg in nursery pigs and see the same results on growth performance under the conditions of the study. Novus researchers attribute results to improvements in calcium and phosphorus digestibility, as well as enhanced gut morphology made possible through the unique two-to-one chelated structure in MINTREX®.
Dr. Silvia Peris, head of technical services in Novus Europe said this research is part of the solutions that Novus is investigating for the swine industry.
“Novus is working with a variety of technologies to find the right solution to replace zinc oxide,” she said. “The information presented at Zero Zinc is exciting and we’re ready to work synergistically with our customers to find the most effective solution for them before zinc oxide in pigs will be phased out in the EU in 2022.”
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