Oil mill Mainz

GMO free soy processing

The ADM oil mill in Mainz/Rhineland-Palatinate.
The ADM oil mill in Mainz/Rhineland-Palatinate.

The ADM Group is investing several million euros in a new processing line in Germany. Farmers in the region are to receive additional cultivation incentives as a result.

ADM, one of the world's leading agricultural processing companies, has announced a growth investment. The capacity of the oil mill in Mainz will be expanded to include the processing of non-GMO soybeans for feed production.

"A cornerstone of our growth strategy is to expand and differentiate our product portfolio that will allow us to meet growing and changing customer demands worldwide," said Jaana Kleinschmit, General Manager, ADM Hamburg and Country Manager, Germany, "Soybeans are playing an increasingly important role in the food sector in Germany. We are pleased that we can now process non-GMO soybeans in Mainz to meet the growing demand in human and animal nutrition, while providing local farmers with an outlet for their crop."

The "multi-million euro" project is expected to be completed in Q3 2023. "With this expansion in Mainz, we are now creating additional incentives for farmers in the region to grow more non-GMO soybeans and incorporate them into their crop rotation," explains René van der Poel, General Manager ADM Straubing. At the same time, he adds, it supports the mainstays of the Fields of Europe program to meet the growing demand for certified GMO-free food and feed from European sources. To date, ADM has only processed GMO soybeans in Mainz. So far, ADM only processed GMO-free soy commodity in germany at its oil mill site in Straubing since 2016.