Healthy grain without mycotoxin contamination is also central to the production of animal feed.
Healthy grain without mycotoxin contamination is also central to the production of animal feed.
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A new bundle of automated analysis kits can detect mycotoxins in raw materials and foods even more efficiently. Lower costs and high sensitivity also contribute to food safety - and quality, according to PerkinElmer.


PerkinElmer, Inc, a global provider of life science, diagnostic, food and environmental testing solutions, is expanding its line of automated detection kits to include all major mycotoxins. The new MaxSignal Mycotoxin Automation Bundle delivers faster results, lower cost per sample and higher productivity, contributing to more efficient detection of mycotoxins in food, according to a company statement. With the new automated tests, laboratories in grain processing, food and feed companies, and food safety and quality managers can accurately and efficiently analyze up to 180 samples in less than 90 minutes.

Highly sensitive and accurate

The automated solutions not only increased sample throughput, but also lent themselves to processing complex matrices with high sensitivity and accuracy. The workflow is designed to minimize the need for human intervention, reduce the risk of manual errors, and help customers comply with regulatory requirements, he said. "Mycotoxin analysis has always been a critical factor in the high-throughput food processing workflow and traditionally requires significant time and manpower," said Greg Sears, vice president and general manager of the Food and Organic Mass Spectrometry segment at PerkinElmer.

Covering all phases of testing

The new bundle consists of four powerful kits: MaxSignal HTS Zearalenone ELISA Kit, MaxSignal HTS Fumonisin ELISA Kit, MaxSignal HTS Ochratoxin A ELISA Kit and MaxSignal HTS T2/HT2 ELISA Kit. The bundle joins the deoxynivalenol (DON) and total aflatoxin automation kits that PerkinElmer launched last year. PerkinElmer's portfolio covers both phases of mycotoxin testing: screening and confirmatory testing. The offering includes complete workflows from screening to analytical confirmation, integration software, and improving the performance of existing methods, according to the company.