Already sold in many different countries around the world (like in the USA, Brazil, China, Australia …), Selsaf®3000 arrives in Europe thanks to its new registration since December 2017. This new Phileo nutritional solution enriched in selenomethionine and selenocysteine is a firework of novelties and benefits for farmers.

Natural source of organic selenium for all species of animals (pigs, poultry, dairy, aquaculture…), Selsaf®3000 is based on an evolution of the manufacturing process which allowed Phileo to increase the selenium concentration to 3000 ppm. Selsaf®3000 is produced from a specific yeast strain CNCM I-3399 (the same as for Selsaf® - 2200 ppm), and through a mastered manufacturing process. Likewise, Selsaf®3000 offers a high stability with its long shelf life of 3 years.

A major characteristic of Selsaf®3000 is its consistent composition in two active seleno-compounds: selenocysteine and selenomethionine.

“Our standardized production process and quality certifications guarantee a high concentration of organic selenium and a consistent active seleno-compound profile, with 2/3 selenomethionine and 1/3 selenocysteine and other active seleno-compounds”, says Aurore de Vienne, Phileo Global Product Manager.

Thanks to its excellent bioavailability, Selsaf®3000 allows better selenium assimilation via an active transport in the intestine and increases selenium levels in the blood compared to other mineral and organic selenium sources.

Selsaf®3000 helps the body against oxidative stress (which is detrimental to animal performance), both in the short term (thanks to the selenocysteine) and in the long-term (due to the selenomethionine) and boosts natural defenses of animals.

This dual protection leads to dual benefits to farmers and consumers. For farmers, Selsaf®3000 supports animal health (better embryo viability and survival rate, more selenium transfer to offspring, less morbidity) and increases animal performance (higher feed efficiency, growth performance, laying intensity…). In reducing the oxidation, and therefore the rancidity of animal-derived end-products, Selsaf®3000 also brings a lot of benefits to consumers, with more selenium in meat, milk and eggs, and more food pleasure (less drip loss, increased juiciness and tenderness).

“All these benefits are supported by a lot of field and scientific trials ”, adds de Vienne who adds that Sefsaf®3000 always arrives at the top of the results when compared to other mineral and organic selenium sources.


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