The first publisher's talk of FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter was held by Peter Radewahn, Managing Director of the German Feed Association (DVT) and long-standing publisher of FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter, and Dr Detlef Kampf, Head of Animal Nutrition at the German Agricultural Society (DLG) at the end of January. With this new format, FeedMagazine/Kraftfutter will keep the dialogue with feed and animal nutrition specialists lively and participatory even in times of contact restrictions. Radewahn and Kampf talked about the tasks of animal nutrition in the future.

Among other things, the functions of feed that go beyond nutrient supply were discussed. A clear description as well as the avoidance of grey areas between additives and straight feeding stuffs and between veterinary medicines and additives is the order of the day, Kampf and Radewahn made clear. This statement is linked to the urgent call on the administration and politicians to ensure the corresponding legal certainty.  (https://tinyurl.com/Feedmag-HG1).

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