Farmers and growers can in future directly access their data, which in
the QS database are stored. So far, this is just about the
Coordinator possible. A personal access gives the farmer:
■ Read access to all data resulting from its operation in the databases of
QS systems are stored as audit results and monitoring data
■ Information about the authorized users, ie which coordinators, which certifica-
authorities or - only with the farmer's consent - which
Third parties have access to his data.
Over the next few months, the coordinators will transmit the individual access data
to the companies by e-mail or by post.
The coordinators fully represent the farmer in the QS system. In order to accomplish this task, coordinators have access to the data generated by the
bundled businesses are stored. Exceptions to this are special
sensitive data (e.g., details of antibiotic prescriptions,
Slaughter findings pig). The coordinator receives access to this data
after prior written consent by the farmer.
In the service of its system partners, QS relies on state-of-the-art IT technology for the
the storage, storage and processing of the data. The safety and reliability
Technique is as important as the trustworthy one
Dealing with the data. The system partners can access data security in the
QS system trust: Without explicit, prior approval by the
System partner does not pass on company-specific data to third parties. On
comprehensive information security concept, which is based on the standards of the
Federal Office for Security and Information Technology (BSI),
is consistently adhered to and constantly reviewed.

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