In a survey carried out regularly in all QS audited companies, the approved auditors received very good marks from all those questioned. There was more than 2,000 responses to the audits conducted last year. This means that participation in the anonymous online survey rose by a quarter compared to the previous year.

"If more than 98 percent of the QS system partners surveyed are satisfied with the performance of their regular audits, then both - audited company and auditor - have obviously done a lot right. This is the positive conclusion that QS Managing Director Dr. Hermann-Josef Nienhoff draws from the 2019 system partner survey: "The consistently very good evaluations of the audits by our system partners show that the objective and professional evaluation of the daily quality assurance in the companies is the main focus of the regular inspections.

The fact that the human factor plays a major role in audits is documented by the value of 99 percent of all respondents who attested the auditors a friendly appearance. A circumstance which - as documented many times in comments - helped to quickly relieve any nervousness among the audited companies. There was similarly positive feedback with regard to the professional competence of the auditors and the comprehensibility of their explanations. Overall, 98 percent of the companies were satisfied with the on-site audits - 2.4 percent see room for improvement.

Some respondents would like to see progress, particularly in the area of digitisation - for example, in the form of digital input of the audit checklist or optimisation of the search function in the QS database.

In addition to the audits, satisfaction with the work in the QS Association was also part of the survey. It was found that almost 88 percent of the companies are convinced that participation in the QS system supports their own operational quality assurance.

QS surveyed all companies, from the farmer to the shop counter, which were audited in 2019. The foreign system partners were also involved - for example, 39 companies from the Netherlands and 30 companies from Poland took part in the survey. Completed questionnaires were even returned from the USA and Thailand. A good half of all feedback came from producers or farmers.

In these days QS starts with its annual random sample audits. As a confidence-building measure for the QS system, they take place in addition to the regular checks with the aim of protecting the industry from outliers in its own ranks. The random sample audits are selected on a risk-oriented basis and announced at short notice in this year's corona situation so that the auditor and plant manager can agree on the necessary hygiene rules for the audit.

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