The measures taken by animal owners and veterinarians with the aim of reducing antibiotic doses are taking effect. The number of antibiotics in all animal species on QS farms continues to decline. In its function as a management tool in the QS system, QS antibiotics monitoring supports livestock owners and veterinarians in constantly raising the level of animal health and ensuring the responsible use and handling of antibiotics. However, sick animals must also be treated in the future. QS is currently working on an animal health database as a consulting tool and early warning system for animal health. In this database, data on the use of antibiotics, biosafety, animal husbandry and diagnostic findings are linked in such a way that farmers, veterinarians and advisors can recognise correlations and draw conclusions. This should also help to reduce the use of antibiotics even further.
QS, comprehensive data are available from 95 percent of all pig and poultry farms. These are figures from the salmonella and antibiotic monitoring as well as the slaughter findings from the slaughterhouses. QS will link these data with each other, process them specifically and make them available for use by the livestock farms. Together, livestock farmers and veterinarians will thus be able to identify weaknesses in their farms at an early stage and stabilise the health of farm animals in the long term. "Only if we take into account all factors that affect animal health can we improve animal health with preventive measures and reduce antibiotic dosages even further," says Thomas May, responsible for the monitoring programs and recording of findings at QS, explaining the planned linking of data. For the cattle farmers in the QS system, the recording systems for antibiotic prescriptions and findings data are currently being set up and tested in a project phase.
In the livestock farms in the QS system, the use of antibiotics has been reduced by more than a third (35.6%) since 2015. This is confirmed by the current quarterly figures of the QS antibiotics monitoring. The same applies to reserve antibiotics, where the quantities used have been reduced by 32.6%. Through the quarterly evaluation and a separate therapy index for critical antibiotics, the companies in the QS system receive a close-meshed analysis for their stock and can thus react promptly and counteract with suitable measures.

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