Romer Labs®, a world leader in diagnostic solutions for the food and feed industry, announced that the ISO 17025 accredited and ISO 9001 certified service laboratory in Austria was the first company in the world to receive GMP + B11 certification for feed safety.

This certification was awarded for the detection of aflatoxin B1 in feed additives, feed, premixes and feed samples as part of the multi-mycotoxin LC-MS / MS method and guarantees the reliability of the results due to the analytical method.

“The GMP + B11 certification is an important milestone for us,” says Dr. Helmut Rost, laboratory manager at Romer Labs® Diagnostic GmbH. “We have proven that we meet the criteria of existing ISO certifications and commit ourselves to the continuous improvement of our analytical services.” He adds, “While the GMP + B11 certification highlights the quality of our analytical service, we consider it a welcome challenge to raise our standards. Accuracy alone is not enough. We strive for reliability, transparency and traceability in all our activities.”

Romer Labs® currently operates accredited laboratories in Austria, the United Kingdom, Singapore and the United States. In addition to mycotoxins, Romer Labs® provides analytical services for a wide range of analytes, including GMOs and food allergens.


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