Dr. Wolf Zestermann retired from the Management Board of Salvana Tiernahrung GmbH with effect as of 31 December 2017 after working in the Salvana Group for nearly 40 years.

He was succeeded on 1 January by Michael Hentrich MBA, who as authorised signatory of the company was previously manager responsible for the complete administration. Hentrich joined the company in 1999 and began his career at Salvana in the Controlling and Tax sector. He has been authorised signatory for the company since 2013, concentrating on the administration sector where he performed valuable work in implementing logistic improvement projects for the company, for example the construction of the new company head office in Klein-Offenseth-Sparrieshoop and the warehouse site in Kretzschau.

The Managing Director Rolf Döring, for many years a companion of the now retired Managing Director, regrets that his shared time with Zestermann on the Management Board, where they steered the fates of the company together, has now come to an end. “Dr. Wolf Zestermann is acknowledged throughout the industry, at home and abroad, as a profound connoisseur of the material of mineral feed production and sales. The company thanks him for his outstanding contribution to the sustainable success in developing the business further. In particular he always promoted and strengthened the export sector in his years of service. With the transfer of his shares in the business to the Salvana-Zestermann Family Foundation in 2009, which is today the largest and determining shareholder of the Salvana Group with a good three quarters of all the business shares, he has made a key contribution to the long-term further development of the Group in the coming decades – this is a very special entrepreneurial act in a family business which is ultimately also connected with personal sacrifice.”

“It was not difficult to select a successor” comments Managing Director Döring. “Mr Hentrich has been working for the company for years now and his appointment means seamless continuity of activity on the Management Board, without any special familiarisation or major changes becoming necessary. I am happy that the company shareholders have decided on an internal solution for a successor. This documents the strength of the Salvana Team.”

Zestermann: “This step in the direction of retirement following the four decades in my function as Managing Director was a very special decision for me. However, given the composition of the new Management Board I am certain that it will continue to operate successfully along the lines I followed.”

Hentrich: “The expectations that one has to live up to after so many years of successful management are naturally very high, so that I greatly respect this new position. Despite this I am of course very pleased about the trust and confidence shown in me by the shareholders and will continue to perform the work of Dr. Zestermann along his lines together with Mr. Döring in the coming months. The fact that Dr. Zestermann will continue to remain available to Salvana Tiernahrung in another function after his retirement and will play an active role in the development of the company as Chairman of the Board of the Salvana-Zestermann Foundation will certainly be most helpful in performing this challenging and fascinating new task.”

The Salvana Group was founded in 1904 by the merchant Jakob Schwarzkopf in Horst/Holstein, but soon moved its registered business address under the name “Tranatogenwerk” to Mühlenstrasse in Elmshorn. After the difficult periods of two World Wars, Alexander Zestermann took over the management from his father-in-law and in the 1950s founded the branch plants in Elsfleth on the River Weser and in Ratingen. In 1959, after completion of the plant in Sparrieshoop, the registered office was transferred there from Elmshorn. In the 1960s the name changed from Tranatogen to Salvana, an old brand name of the company. In 1978, with Wolf Zestermann, the third generation of the family then joined the company. In 1980 Salvana Tiernahrung GmbH was set up as a company to pool the trade activities as the largest enterprise in the Salvana Group. In the 1980s and 1990s the plants in Wertingen and Ahlhorn were built and replaced the sites in Elsfleth, Ratingen, and the old storage centre in Augsburg. Right up to the present day the Group is owned by the Schwarzkopf/Zestermann family and in particular the associated Family Foundation. As a specialist in mineral feed for livestock and pets, Salvana offers products and services covering all aspects of animal nutrition, and with its know-how the company creates distinct added value for its customers, partners and principals. In the market for mineral feed supplements, which is largely structured by medium-sized firms specialising in technical/professional aspects, Salvana is one of the market leaders in the national segment and operates internationally.