New test results from the Bavarian State Institute for Agriculture (LfL) – Animal Nutrition in Grub confirm the rapid effect of Schaumann's Bonsilage Speed G.
In the LfL trial, the 2nd cut in 2019 (33.5% DM; 30% XF in DM) was ensiled in laboratory silos. An untreated control as well as two silage additive variants were examined in glasses.

Variant I: Ensiling agent with DLG quality mark of the direction of action (WR) 2 to improve aerobic stability;

Variant II: Bonsilage Speed G.
Furthermore, different storage time variants and different levels of stress during storage were simulated:
A: 14 days storage without air stress
B: 14 days storage with air stress after 7 days storage for 24 h
C: 49 days of storage with air stress after 28 and 42 days of storage for 24 h each
The result: While the untreated control always has the lowest aerobic stability, that of the silage additive variant I (DLG- WR 2) is in the middle range. Bonsilage Speed G was able to extend the stability after opening in all three storage variants A, B and C, even after a short silo ripening time.

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