RINDAVITAL VARIO PROTECT, the new special product from SCHAUMANN, combines five components that optimally support the high-performance cow in stress situations and unfavorable feeding conditions, such as poorer digestibility of the ration, lower energy content of the silage, higher mycotoxin contents. RINDAVITAL VARIO PROTECT contains natural plant antioxidants and vitamin E for cell protection as well as toxin binders to reduce the negative effects of harmful mycotoxins. The combination of live yeast and special algae lime stabilizes feed intake, increases digestibility and prevents acidosis. Selected vitamins and trace elements specifically support the energy and protein metabolism.
RINDAVITAL VARIO PROTECT ensures milk production even under suboptimal conditions, reducing the risk of increased cell counts in the milk. RINDAVITAL VARIO PROTECT relieves the liver and actively reduces the effects of oxidative stress and toxins.
RINDAVITAL VARIO PROTECT is added as a top dressing directly to the existing ration with 100 g per animal per day and fits all ration types and feeding systems.