With the reorientation of the SCHAUMACID acid program, SCHAUMANN combines proven concepts with the innovations and findings from ISF Schaumann research. The new SCHAUMACID acid combinations support the intestinal health specifically in the different areas of application.
The sorbic acid-based new development SCHAUMACID First is specially developed for piglets. The combination of acids causes marked inhibition of E. coli. SCHAUMACID First is well absorbed immediately after settling due to its high palatability. It can also be used as a top dressing in the sow in the critical phases around the birth. The infection pressure and the risk of piglet diarrhea in the farrowing pen as well as in the flat deck sink significantly.
With the further development SCHAUMACID H, SCHAUMANN uses the anti-inflammatory effect of humic acid. SCHAUMACID H extends the protection against pathogenic germs and actively supports the health of the intestinal mucosa.
SCHAUMACID A extends the classic action of organic acids by supplementing it with specially digested algae granules. It supports the Mirkoflora on several levels (organic acids, prebiotics, polyphenols) and lays the foundation for high intestinal health and performance.
The matching products from the SCHAUMACID acid program enable optimal growth through a stable intestinal flora.
All SCHAUMACID products are labeled with the VLOG seal and are thus suitable for the production of foods without genetic engineering.