Modern pig nutrition requires innovative feeding concepts that go beyond the needs-based supply of nutrients and active ingredients. It also looks at the reduction of crude protein, phosphorus, copper, zinc and antibiotics. Environmentally friendly nutrient management and good gut health throughout all production phases are additional goals.
With the new NATUPIG product line, SCHAUMANN offers a mineral feed program with new active ingredients that perfectly fulfills these requirements. The SCHAUMANN active ingredients and products are developments of the ISF Schaumann research for the success in the pigsty.
CERAVITAL XP, a protein-rich feed material from the fermentation with mushrooms, saves up to 3% soy in the ration, which can be replenished inexpensively, for example, with farm-own grain. The result of CERAVITAL XP's broad impact is consistently on top performance, lower feed costs, lower ammonia emissions, less space and improved economy, especially in pig fattening.
The novel probiotic CERABAC inhibits the growth of pathogenic germs, supports the immune system and promotes the healing of the mucous membrane. The microflora in the digestive tract is stabilized. Higher performance and reduced diarrhea days are the result especially at the beginning of piglet rearing.
The SCHAUMANN active ingredient CERAGEL, a specially treated brown algae, promotes the body's defenses and thus supports animal health. In addition, toxins are bound, thus preventing passage through the intestinal mucosa. The result is better feed conversion and higher gain just at the beginning of the fattening.

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