The family-run HS-Kraftfutterwerk located in Westmünsterland in one of the densest and most important agricultural processing areas, began in 1919 as one of the pioneers in the industrial production of compound feed.

From the leading poultry feed producer, it has become a trend-setting company in the region, especially in pig and cattle feeding. In partnership with its customers, the company strives to solve all animal feeding problems together in the future. This is not least helped by the experiences of the previous century and the decades.

The aim of the compound feed supplier is to maintain the trust placed in the products of the clientele and, if possible, to expand it. Today, a young team with in-depth knowledge works for the client and guarantees excellent feed qualities that deliver groundbreaking and sustainable benefits such as optimal feed conversion - high weight gains - low losses and good fertility. This results in a successful and optimal price / performance ratio.

The HS technical consultants are constantly trained and are always up to date scientific. They are the farmer on site as well as the agri trade with words and deeds. Assistance in the assessment of basic feed qualities and fulfillment of individual customer wishes are means of ensuring adequate animal nutrition.

With the strong brands "Combi-Soya" -Schweinemastergänzungsfutter, "HS Porco" pig feed, "HS-Candy" calf feed, "HS-Vacca" for a GMO-free cattle feed or "Mavikalin" mineral feed and more is the company an all-rounder for all feeding concepts. The product portfolio includes camlete and supplementary feed as well as mineral feed. There are also feed specialties and a pet food range on offer.

The HS-Kraftfutterwerk has grown steadily in recent years and decades. Thanks to the high-performance factory and its motivated and competent employees, this growth was mastered at one location. At the Agricultural Entrepreneurs Days in Münster, Schräder and its customers recently celebrated their 100th anniversary.

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