Seleggt Ltd.

Technology ends chick culling

SelEGGt GmbH

Every year in Europe alone, about 330 million male chicks are killed immediately after hatching. Simply because they do not lay eggs and it is uneconomical to fatten the animals. With SELEGGT Circuit, chick selection can now be stopped by any layer hatchery.

SELEGGT has developed a process that ends the killing of male chicks in egg supply chains. According to the company, sex identification in the hatching egg provides for more animal-friendly egg production, while maintaining and even improving the efficiency of the sector as it is practiced today.

A marker for endocrinological sex determination in the hatching egg has been developed at the University of Leipzig. SELEGGT has developed this basic research to such an extent that the method is now suitable for practical use and new flocks of hens are already hatching every week.

SELEGGT's high level of science and technology has enabled the development of a robust and reliable method that is easy to use and has a high throughput, he said. As a result, millions of male chicks have already not been killed since 2019, according to Selleggt.

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