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Establishment of a closed logistics chain

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The new facility in Hardenberg (NL) offers an additional 5,000 square meters of storage space.
Sievert Logistik SE
The new facility in Hardenberg (NL) offers an additional 5,000 square meters of storage space.

Sievert Logistik SE realigns its business areas and expands location in the Netherlands. With the aim of increasing annual sales in the area of warehouse logistics to 25 million euros by 2025 and offering other services in addition to transport.

From now on, the logistics service provider will focus more on its portfolio of value-added services. In doing so, the Westphalian company is responding to the growing demand for services for petrochemicals, industrial minerals, and animal feed and additives. As part of the refocusing, the site expansion in Hardenberg, the Netherlands, was successfully completed at the beginning of the year. A new 7,000 square meter warehouse has been built there with an additional 5,000 square meters of storage space. A new silage machine with a throughput of 25 tons per hour is also now available to customers. Meanwhile, Sievert Logistik's transport operations remain unaffected by the realignment.

"In view of the steadily growing demand for warehouse logistics services, we will continue to expand this business segment in the coming years, thereby creating significant added value for our customers," says Rui Macedo, Managing Director of Sievert Logistik SE. The goal, he says, is to offer customers a closed logistics chain that extends from the manufacturer of the basic product to the processing plant and includes pre- or post-production tasks.

By 2025, the Lengerich-based logistics service provider aims to generate annual sales of 25 million euros in the warehouse logistics sector. The transport business with the approximately 600 hauling units of the company's own fleet and fixed subcontractors will be maintained. Macedo: "When it comes to transporting goods, we will continue to work with our existing customer and product portfolio and maintain our high quality by pushing ahead with digitalization and training new drivers." In the future, procurement, distribution and sales logistics as well as transport for customers will thus increasingly come from a single source.

The first measure of the realignment is the expansion of covered warehouse capacities at the Hardenberg site in the Netherlands, where the subsidiary Nederlandse Transport Maatschappij B.V. (N.T.M.) is based. In addition to the additional warehouse with a storage area of 5,000 square meters, a fully automatic debagging machine was put into operation there. With the help of this new acquisition, powders or granules from bags, big bags and octabins can be transferred in the shortest possible time as bulk goods to silo trailers or - vice versa - bulk goods can be transferred to one of the aforementioned containers.

Henk Batterink, Managing Director of N.T.M., sees a clear advantage in this: "Thanks to the new silage machine, we can transfer 1,000 25-kilo bags into a silo trailer in just one and a half hours. This automation clearly sets us apart from competitors."