Quickly to more cleanliness and safety: Within a few hours, a worn concrete floor becomes a hygienic and hard-wearing Silikal reaction resin coating. The new floor gives a new quality to feed tables, areas in milk chambers and under milking parlours.

Dairy farmers and farm entrepreneurs need hygienic and durable floors on their farms, for example on feeding tables, under milking parlours, in milk chambers and in farm shops. Silikal, the specialist for fast-curing floor coatings, offers a rapidly implementable, practical and high-quality solution with its floor coverings based on methyl methacrylate (MMA).

Silikal reaction resin floors are resistant to mechanical and chemical loads. They are not affected by the pressure of cow claws, heavy equipment or contact with acetic acid cleaning agents and milk fats. Cleaning the floors is uncomplicated and the result is convincing. High hygienic demands are met. If additional slip-resistance of the surfaces is required, the floor can be provided with an anti-slip coating.

A decisive criterion for agricultural companies is the speed of the renovation measures. Feed tables and well-frequented areas must be able to be renovated quickly and without great effort. The optimum time for renovation is between the feeding and milking cycles. The daily routine of the animals and the farm routine should not be disturbed. This tight time window for the renovation can be maintained with Silikal's MMA systems. The new floor is hardened and fully loadable after just a few hours.

Markus Gruner, Silikal's application engineer and area representative, says of the experience gained in feed table rehabilitation: "In the last two and a half years alone, we have rehabilitated so many feed tables that a total of about 20,000 metres would be required".

The rehabilitation, for example of a feed table, is practically completed in just a few steps: The installers sand or sandblast the old feed table. Then the primer Silikal R 54 is applied, then coated with Silikal R 62 mixed with a low-dust filler. When dry, seal with Silikal RF 7000, and the sealant also sets quickly so that the cows can eat their feed on time and then from a smooth, clean table.

MMA flooring systems - like almost all Silikal products - are regularly inspected and evaluated by independent test centres. The manufacturer has continuously monitored quality and environmental management systems for many years.

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