The fibre-rich supplementary feed tremoVital® stabilises the digestive process of pigs and contributes to optimised intestinal health.

More and more farmers are turning to natural products in animal nutrition to reduce the use of medication in their herds. TREMONIS now offers with the active ingredient mixture tremoVital® a new, highly effective solution to stabilise the digestive process and thus improve the health of pigs in critical phases.

In the new supplementary feed tremoVital®, brewer's grains from the best brewing barley, brewer's yeast, carrot pomace, pea shells and a yeast cell wall product are used as high-quality natural fibre carriers together with optionally available intestinal stabilisers. The specially adapted mixture of active ingredients contributes to a healthy intestinal microbiome and a regulated faecal composition, thus creating added value in piglet rearing and fattening.

During the period of conversion from milk-based to cereal-rich feed, the digestive and immune systems of the piglets react recognisably positively to the early supplementation of the usual piglet rearing feed with an administration of tremoVital®. "The scientifically co-ordinated fibres influence the early development of a robust, diverse microbiome and a defensive, healthy piglet gut. Especially the faeces composition is regulated by a plus of balanced, digestible fibres", Lotte Giza, veterinarian and responsible product manager at Tremonis GmbH, describes some of the effects of tremoVital®.

The development of a defensive piglet can be promoted in a very early phase of life by a plus of optimised fibres in the first solid food. The fibre fractions contained in tremoVital® complement each other advantageously and show a balanced ratio of dietary fibres.

High-quality and hygienically safe fibres as well as highly digestible protein support the digestive system and are therefore especially desirable in an intestinal unstable phase of piglet rearing. The fibres are digested microbially in the large intestine to form short-chain, health-promoting fatty acids. At the same time they can bind harmful bacteria, spores and water. "The fibres in the spent grains, when combined in the right fibre combination, can have amazing effects on the intestine. They nourish the "good" bacteria through special prebiotic properties. In addition, the protein from the fermented malting barley is highly digestible for piglets and supports the intestinal mucosa," says Giza.

Feeding trials on practice farms prove the positive effect of tremoVital®: The rearing period shortened by about 7 days and the daily weight gain increased by about 50.8 g with almost the same feed consumption means more activities per year and animal place (+0.7 %) and thus 1.12 % more piglets per year, to which the fixed costs can be allocated.

In addition to the lower mortality rate due to intestinal diseases (-0.8%), the overall mortality rate was also 1.5% lower; in addition, the use of medication for diarrhoea in the trial animals was reduced. The conclusion of farmer Antonius Jahn from NRW is therefore unambiguous: "It is important to me that the piglets are dry for the first three weeks after weaning. tremoVital® in the feed has achieved this - which makes a difference in performance at the back end".