On July 1, 2020, the company Trouw Nutrition Deutschland (TND) launched its new mineral feed concept on the market. In the course of this, the mineral feeds get their own brand: Maxcare. Up to now, mineral feeds from Trouw Nutrition Deutschland GmbH were still marketed under the Milkivit® brand, which in future will be used exclusively for high-quality milk replacers. With the new mineral feed concept, the Maxcare brand is also to be established on the market.

Within the Maxcare mineral feed brand there will be three lines: HLM, Profi and Economy. These are oriented towards the individual requirements of the farm. The HLM line focuses on stress tolerance, performance and sustainability (beef)/efficiency (pig).

This line is therefore particularly suitable when “the optimum for a healthy and efficient animal stock” is important, says Dr. Klaus Daubinger (Head of Product Management TND).

Mineral feeds from the Profi line focus on performance without neglecting stress tolerance and sustainability/efficiency.

The high-quality hydroxy trace elements of IntelliBond®, which are contained in both of the above-mentioned lines, have been shown in numerous research studies to only dissolve at a pH value of less than 4, in contrast to sulphate-bound trace elements, and thus remain stable in the front digestive tract. This avoids potentially negative reactions with other feed components and the animal can be supplied with trace elements in a more appropriate way.

The third line within the new Maxcare mineral feeds will be the Economy line. This comprises the standard mineral feeds and ensures a needs-based supply at a good price-performance ratio.

A new feature of the mineral feed concept is that the selected mineral feed can be individually supplemented within the line by means of an add-on package. For cattle the package options rumen protection, metabolism protection, preservation protection, immune protection and acidosis protection are offered. The package options for pigs are mycotoxin protection, immune protection, lactation protection, respiratory protection, gut protection and condition protection.

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