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Precision Farming in Poultry Breeding

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Vencomatic Group

Meggsius Connect is a cloud-based software platform. It enables livestock farmers to understand animal performance even better and to better manage the entire production chain.

This software platform collects data from various Meggsius devices, providing information on, for example, the number of eggs coming from each house and, more importantly, the exact distribution across houses and the exact location in a house from which the eggs came. This would allow livestock producers to understand such things as the distribution of birds, the uniformity of climatic conditions, even bird behavior or technical problems. The data can even provide information about the quality of the eggs, from which location in the barn a particular egg with specific characteristics originated.

With this platform, Vencomatic Group has developed ways to connect to any device to develop data-based predictive algorithms that can pave the way to autonomous poultry house operations, enabling precision poultry farming.

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