With a growth rate of 2.9 per cent, the market for veterinary medicines in Germany developed satisfactorily in the year 2017. Above all the rising value of the small animal segment was an essential driver of this growth. In the farm animal sector, active animal health medicine continues to become increasingly important. The positive development of the vaccine segment is an indication of the strengthening of prevention according to Dr. Sabine Schüller, Managing Director of the Bundesverband für Tiergesundheit e.V. ((BfT) – German Federation for Animal Health), speaking on the occasion of the Federation’s 32nd General Assembly in Potsdam.

Total sales in the market amounted to € 811 million (estimate on the basis of the BfT registration of sales). The submarkets grew as follows: pharmaceutical specialities 5.4 %, biologicals 3.5 %, antiparasitic agents 0.4 %, and anti-infective agents 0.1 %.

Influenced by the measures to reduce the application of antibiotics in the animal husbandry sector and the growing sense of responsibility in dealing with antibiotics, the use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine has more than halved in the past ten years. The anti-infective agent segment is stagnating accordingly. The market for antiparasitic agents registered a growth rate of 0.4 % in 2017 following the steep increases in the past years.

“A distinct market growth was once again ascertained in the pharmaceutical specialities segment with an increase of 5.4 % taking the sector up to € 280 million. This growth reflects the increasing awareness of animal farmers for the health and wellbeing of their animals. The growth is generated above all by products for treating skin diseases and caring for geriatric patients” explained the BfT Managing Director.

Thus once again essential driving forces behind the growth for the year as a whole are innovations, above all in the small animal sector and the vaccine segment. Dr. Schüller quantified the sales ratio of hobby animals to farm animals at around 53 to 47 per cent.


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