Yücel Altindag
Yücel Altindag

The new head of the scientific department at Vilofoss is Yücel Altindag.
Altindag graduated from the University of Bremen with a degree in chemistry. He then worked in the scientific department of a supplier of feed additives in the area of development and optimisation of recipes and formulations for solid and liquid products. As a project manager, his work included the development of various technical manufacturing processes, the stability of additives in storage and pelleting processes and the controlled release of nutrients.
With his many years of experience and expertise in the field of feed additives, Altindag, as head of the technical scientific department, will coordinate the projects in research and product development, as well as carry out the evaluation of raw materials and feed additives. In addition, Altindag has taken on the function of manufacturing representative for the Neuenkirchen-Vörden site.
Yücel Altindag is supported by the coordinators of the departments Pig, Dr Arndt Schäfer; Cattle, Niels Moritz and Poultry, Dr Egbert Strobel.

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