VILOFOSS® - a unified brand in all markets

The DLG Group - one of the largest agricultural companies in Europe - will combine its vitamin mineral feed business under the common brand VILOFOSS®.

The subsidiaries Vitfoss (Denmark), Calcialiment (France) and Fodermix (Sweden) will be renamed Vilofoss® with effect from 01 September 2018. The German Vilomix will also distribute their products under this brand brand name Vilofoss®, but the well-known company name "Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung GmbH" will remain.

With a turnover of 390 million euros, the VILOFOSS® Group is one of the largest providers in the European vitamin and mineral feed market.

"We made this decision to present ourselves as a single company, to optimize our strength in production, to leverage synergies and to expand our brand profile, and to benefit our employees through the cooperation of this multinational company," says Jacob Holm, CEO the VILOFOSS® Group.
Jacob Holm
Jacob Holm

An integral part of the "DLG Leading the Way 2021" growth strategy is the expansion of leading products in the entire brand portfolio. The group's goal is to achieve 25% revenue growth by 2021. Great importance is attached to investments in new production capacities and the expansion of international activities.

Among other things, VILOFOSS® will present itself as a brand at the renowned, international trade fairs:

  •     11th-14th September 2018 - Space (Rennes, France)
  •     13th-16th November 2018 - EuroTier (Hanover, Germany)
  •     27th-30th November 2018 - Agromek (Herning, Denmark)

Research and development have always been focal points in the corporate philosophy, both within VILOFOSS and in the DLG Group. Innovative sales-boosting products such as Stalosan, X-Zelit, PickStein, FreshFoss, Farrow Pulse are just a few of the results that have already been successfully distributed internationally.
Concentrating on poultry production is an important aspect of the DLG Group strategy and needs to be seen in the context of the Group's other poultry activities, including Danæg and DanHatch. The poultry sector has great international growth potential. The targeted development of an international group of poultry experts has already achieved a positive result in 2017, with growth of 22%.

VILOFOSS® is one of the leading players in the European vitamin and mineral feed market with a turnover of EUR 390 million in 2017. It is produced in a total of 14 plants, six European countries and in China.
With more than 500 employees, VILOFOSS® operates in more than 60 countries around the world and has more than 80 years of experience in the animal feed sector for all animal species. The VILOFOSS® Group has set itself the goal of becoming the market leader in Germany, Scandinavia, France, and Central and Eastern Europe. For China, the market position is to be further expanded. Read more at