This is the look of the new plant
This is the look of the new plant

One of the leading European agricultural companies, the DLG Group, continues the series of major projects in Denmark. With a two-digit million investment, a new Vilofoss Premix and Mineral Feed Plant is to be built in Braedstrup in Denmark.
The investment in the plant was recently approved by the DLG Supervisory Board and is the latest in several major projects, including the new headquarters in Fredericia, Denmark's largest grain terminal in Masnené and a new logistics center in Taulov, Denmark. These are important components of the DLG Group's strategy, Leading the Way 2021, where the focus is on creating growth and developing DLG's position as one of Europe's leading agricultural companies.
"The Danish market is, of course, an important part of our business, and we want to say that DLG has to be a leader, and we are proud to announce another large project in Denmark, which is an investment in the future of which our customers will benefit, "says Kristian Hundeboell, Group CEO of DLG.
With sales of just under € 6.5 billion and over 6,000 employees, DLG is one of the largest companies in Denmark. Premixes and mineral feeds are among the group's most important business areas, so investing in the new Vilofoss plant is in line with the Group's strategy.
Vilofoss, the mainstay of DLG's premix and feed business, generates sales of € 400 million and is one of the largest manufacturers of vitamins and minerals in Europe for animal nutrition. Jacob Holm, CEO of Vilofoss, is pleased that the DLG Supervisory Board has approved the plans for the new investment.
"The new plant will be built in extension of the existing Vilofoss plant in Braedstrup, Denmark, and we expect it to start in 2020. When the plant is scheduled to finish in 2022, we have state-of-the-art and highly automated production there. Covering an area of ​​900 m² with a production line, it is planned to have a capacity of 50,000 tons per year, and in the long term it will be possible to expand with another production line. "
"This is an important step for Vilofoss' international and Danish business and the new plant will play a key role in ensuring growth, competitiveness and profitability in Denmark, all in all we want to ensure that we are in the Danish market for the benefit of our country Customers and owners stay strong", says Jacob Holm.