Foto: Vilomix

The long-standing managing director of Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung GmbH, Dr. Andreas Dreishing, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Saturday, 2nd May 2020 at the age of 55 years.

Since joining the company in 1992 and his appointment as Managing Director in 2010, he has played a major role in the development and success of Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung GmbH. With great commitment and foresight, he committed himself to the company with his extensive knowledge and great technical understanding, the management appreciates him. Active participation in associations and organisations in the field of animal nutrition as well as his personal commitment to the community foundation were very close to his heart.

The death of Dr. Andreas Dreishing was a great loss for Deutsche Vilomix Tierernährung GmbH. The employees are not only losing their esteemed managing director, but also a long-standing and trusted companion, who always had an open ear for his environment, the communication goes on to say.

Vilomix was taken over by the Danish DLG in 1993 as a wholly owned subsidiary and is now part of the Vilofoss Group.

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