The product launch of the new rumen-protected fat Mega-Max for the European market took place at EuroTier. This new rumen-protected fat has been specially developed for dairy cows and other ruminants for use throughout lactation. The special ratio of C16: 0 and C18: 1 fatty acids in the product Mega-Max ensures an optimal balance between increasing milk production, maintaining body condition (BCS) and improving the fertility of dairy cows - performance benefits throughout the lactation period.
The development of the new Mega Max was based on the latest research in the US. Dr. Richard Kirkland, Animal Nutritioner at Volac Wilmar, explains: "These studies provide new insights into the effect of simple fatty acids on the distribution of nutrients for use in the production of milk or body fat in dairy cows. The right balance of C 16: 0 and C18: 1 fatty acids can increase lactation and milk fat production at the beginning of lactation and limit the loss of body condition (BCS). "
Mega-Max should always be mixed with other feeds as part of the ration design. It can be fed either as part of a total mixed ration (TMR), in the farm's own feed mix or in compound feed.

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