Martin Alm
Martin Alm

Dr. Martin Alm has been elected as the new President of the World Renderers Organization (WRO). He succeeds Fernando Mendizabal (Mexico) in this position. His deputies, the Brazilian Lucas Cypriano (1st Vice President) and Doyle Leefers from the USA (2nd Vice President), were unanimously confirmed at the WRO General Assembly. The election took place on June 13, 2019 as part of the international annual meeting of the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association (EFPRA) in France.
The WRO represents the animal by-products processing plants worldwide and serves its members as a platform for training and exchanges, both among themselves and with adjacent sectors. In addition, the organization represents processors to other international associations in areas such as food production, human and animal health and environmental protection.
Since 2009 Dr. Alm is Managing Director of Dr. Alm Research and Consulting GmbH and Technical Director of the European Fat Processors and Renderers Association (EFPRA). In addition, he is a consultant member of the board of the German Association of Animal By-Products Processing Companies (VVTN) and a member of the Research Committee of the FPRF, the Fat and Protein Research Foundation (USA).

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