Issue 7-8/2013

Developments in the field of animal nutrition

Growing demand for products of animal origin coupled with an increasing scarcity of raw materials for feed call for an efficiency drive in animal husbandry and its largest cost item – feeding. Accordingly this issue takes another look at the diverse ways of treating and formulating compound feed in such a way that the animals fed achieve high weight gains with good feed conversion ratios and animal health.

» Key element in consumer protection
Distribution of feed surveillance responsibilities in a federal system

The key objectives of feed surveillance are fraud protection for feed customers, health maintenance for the animals fed and production of safe foods of animal origin. The close connection between feed safety and consumer health protection has prompted the European Union to create a single legal basis for feed law and food law.

» Choline affects liver metabolism in transition cows
Reducing burden of fat metabolism

In dairy cattle, as in all mammals, the start of lactation stimulates the natural process of mobilization of body reserves (adipose, muscle) to support their offspring with sufficient energy and nutrients. By selecting for this drive for milk production, we have selected cows that are excellent body fat mobilizers.

» Less Fat in Turkey Feed
The effect of phytogenic surfactants on fat digestion

On the Moorgut Kartzfehn estate a turkey finishing experiment was carried out in cooperation with the life science company Kemin to test the effect of a phytogenic surfactant on improving fat digestion. The purpose of the feeding experiment was to investigate whether the use of Lysoforte Booster in finishing-turkey feed with a reduced fat content leads to an increase in protein, fat and energy conversion, meaning that the same performance can be achieved as with a standard feed.

» Fatty acid mixtures promote intestinal health
Noba presents new products on Open Day

On 6 June Noba Vital Lipids B.V. opened their gates for the second time and invited their customers on a boat trip including a tour of the plant at the new location in the port of Amsterdam.

» Customers profit from closeness
DSM regional distribution for Central Europe now based in Bramsche

In March the DSM Animal Nutrition & Health distribution team for the Central Europe Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) relocated into a corporate office to Bramsche in Lower Saxony. This move into roomy office building has not only strengthened internal communications, but above all shortened the paths to key customers in the North European animal improvement belt, explains Distribution Manager Christoph Threde.

» Mixer Liquid Application for Enzymes
Raising standards to improve profitability

Confronted with fluctuating costs of raw materials and with pressure created by current feed market conditions, feed manufacturers are seeking ways in which to further reduce feed costs and improve production profitability.