The feature in this issue explores special feeds. Looking at the wide range of formulations and recipes that in many compound feed plants can total hundreds or even thousands, it is possible to call every compound feed tailored to particular customer requirements a special feed. In the classic sense, however, special feeds are above all those that address special phases in animal husbandry – rearing, changing housing, changing feed or the like.

» Making mycotoxins controllable
A challenge for processors and analysis

Mycotoxin - a term which most consumers will not have heard before. In sectors which process or trade in grain however, these fungal poisons are well known and are the cause of considerable problems for the companies concerned.

» Brisk feed intake after weening
Use of MucoDigest in piglet feeding

The most problematic period for piglets is just after weaning. Here, is necessary to implement a change in feeding habits, from milk to other feedstuffs, trying not to cause diarrhoea symptoms. Therefore, to optimize animal health, the use of highly digestible components is absolutely necessary. It appeared among other things, that with exclusively soy bean protein out of soybean meal, such health stabilization, generally, do not succeed. Published literature also shows that protein sources of plant origin and low levels of potentially anti-nutritional factors such as soy protein concentrates and potato protein sources of animal origin such as high quality meal and blood plasma show clear advantages.

» Effects of various phytases on the digestion of poultry
Comparing evaluation of numerous studies

The phytase enzyme is one of the best researched feed additives in the world and its use in the animal feed industry is widespread. New product developments are being advanced at full speed and hundreds of articles on phytase have already been published.

» Changes let world’s largest pork market grow
Chinese government supports demand and supply

The world’s largest pork market, China, is undergoing structural changes. Because the strategic importance to consumers, the government is supporting the supply. Analysts of Rabobank expect that China again will become largely self-sufficient in supply but that there will remain gaps between demand and supply. This offers opportunities for foreign investors and suppliers.

» The right way to sell
Focussing on the customer

A typical week in the life of a member of the field sales force in the agricultural supplies trade starts with a little office work in the field office or at home and then the tour begins. The salesman moves from customer to customer, or at any rate to all known addresses that are listed as customers and lie on the tour route. Like a fox slinking along the shore of a lake or the side of a field, the salesman takes what he finds. Sometimes he gets there before the other foxes, sometimes he has to take what the others have disdained. This was always the case. Like his colleagues, the typical field service salesman works very hard. He knows the market, travels 50±000 kilometres a year and writes detailed reports. He does not know whether anybody ever reads them, but he does his work.

» 1.5 million tons feed out of Aveve plants
Business development allows regional broadening

The leading Belgian feed manufacturer has 2 ambitions: to pass from 20 to 25% of market share and to develop its activities abroad in the neighbouring regions. Reporting direct from Merksem near Antwerp, where the Group has its headquarter and one of its main feed plants.

» The agricultural industry - the way it really is
Trip through Europe for the recruitment of young talents

When a company like Evonik sends ten agronomy students on a three-week trip across Europe, there is a good reason to it. Or perhaps several good reasons: on the European Ag (Agriculture) Trip organized by the Health & Nutrition Business Unit, the objectives were promotion and recruitment of young talents, image work and of course gaining new perspectives.