The tasks of the feed industry are many and diverse and the demands made regarding livestock health maintenance, performance assurance and environmental conservation continue to rise. It is often forgotten in this connection that the production of compound feed is primarily a technological operation with which the widely ranging source products are treated to produce regulation-compliant, performance-oriented and ultimately inexpensive feed in line with animal welfare. The varied technological resources necessary for this are supplied by an innovative industry that embraces research, the fruits of which will be demonstrated once again at Victam in Cologne from 9 to 11 June. This year too, Victam will again be complemented by GRAPAS and FIAAP, accompanying exhibitions focusing on grain and cereal processing, as well as feed raw materials and additives.

» Cloud applications for designing formulations
A new age in feed formulating

Formulation software has become a commonly used instrument in the feed industry. Nearly all feed producers use some kind of application to calculate their cost-optimised feed formulas. However, in recent years the world has become completely digitised. What do slogans such as "Software as a service" and "cloud computing" mean for feed producers? What advantages can "the cloud" offer our industry?

» "We have to look for alternative food sources“
Interview with Henk van de Bunt, Director of VICTAM

From 9 till 11 of June in Cologne/D VICTAM and associated exhibitions FIAAP an GRAPAS will take place. We talked with Henk van de Bunt about the surroundings in which this exhibitions will happen.

» Rumen Protected Protein from Hydrothermal and Expander Treatment
Metabolism relief through pressure treatment

Due to the favourable effect the hydro-pressure-thermal treatment of the crown expander has on feed, animal production is more efficient. High and stable growth rates, combined with an excellent health status and minimal mortality rate in the rearing of calves as well as a high milk/meat production, provide the livestock producers with rising yields. This means maximum productivity with increasing profits.

» Program modules for optimal mixing
Produce formulations with just a few clicks

For ten years now, in addition to machine-related software solutions with ROM (optimal formulation mixing), the firm Högemann IT GmbH has been offering a software module that combines well-founded knowledge of the requirements and procedures in the feed industry with years of experience and technical expertise.

» "Bringing services closer to members and customers"
Interview with Janine T. Bohlmann, Director of the IFF Institute

The threads of research conducted by medium-sized businesses in the feed industry run together at the Research Institute Feed Technology of IFF (International Research Association of Feed Technology). In addition to performing research tasks, the Institute also offers training and services. We talked to Dr.-Ing habil. Janine T. Bohlmann, Director of the Institute for a good year now, about the status and development perspectives of the Institute.