Despite critical voices from consumers, German farmers remain ready to invest – in the animal improvement sector too. A high degree of national self-sufficiency has already been achieved and the markets for processed animal products seem to be nearing saturation. Accordingly the investments will not lead to rises in animal numbers to the same extent as in past years. Instead, extensive investment funds are being channelled into adapting keeping systems to consumer wishes and statutory requirements, thus also securing sales. Innovative ideas regarding animal diets are also in demand.

» Staying profitable in volatile times
Innovation is needed

Profitability is the key success factor of all businesses. Animal production and especially animal nutrition is challenged by high and volatile raw material costs. To overcome those challenges and to stay profitable in this environment, we have to think of new innovative possibilities in animal nutrition. Fefac, the European Feed manufactures association, defined targets for the year 2030.

» The influence of butyric acid in a novel form on gut health
Butyric acid serves many biological functions

It has long been known that Short Chain fatty acids (SCFA) have a positive influence on the health and performance of animals. Among the SCFA, butyric acid has received particular attention as it not only has antibacterial activity but also positive effects on the intestinal wall and flora.

» Practical sampling of ensiled plant materials
Strengthen significance of analyses

It is good practice that the ensiling process should be preceded by chemical analysis of the plant material intended to be ensiled, and followed by chemical analysis of silage. First analytical data will allow to reduce biological risks related to the fermentation process, while the latter ones will allow to assess the safety and quality of silage, and to formulate balanced rations. In both cases, laboratory shall produce reliable analytical data , that is, data free from gross mistakes. This can be achieved, first of all, by collecting a representative sample, obtained by a rational sampling procedure. The scope of this article is to get into the correct sampling procedure of ensiled plant materials.

» Investing in sows for piglets’ benefits
A tricky link between sows and piglets

At weaning, piglets have to face different stress factors like separation from the sow, rearing house change and change in feed. This challenging period can provoke a lack of feed intake, of growth, digestive disorders or even mortality. These facts are common knowledge for experts, but do you know what the role of sows is during this transition period? Do you know that sows can transfer stress phenomena to the litter and this will have a negative impact on piglets’ future health and performance?

» Functional filler in turkey finishing
Positiv effects in the intestine

In order to verify the known effects of the kieselguhr technical additive “Diamol”, a feeding test was organised in cooperation with Moorgut Kartzfehn. The trial aimed to show whether and what additional effects can be observed in and on the animal as a result of Diamol supplements.

» ELISA for quantitative determination of the soy mass in feed mixtures
Alternatives to the official microscopy estimation method – Section 1

In the EU it is mandatory to label feeds containing genetically modified organisms (GMO) that are admitted in the EU and products made from them. However, according to REG (EC) No. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, there is an exception in the labelling obligation for feeds with a GM
component of 0.9 % or less, provided that this component is adventitious or technically unavoidable.

» World-class family business

Trust through reliability

The firm Euroduna Rohstoffe GmbH in Barmstedt near Hamburg is a key contact in the search for special raw materials for compound feed production. The company is a well functioning interface between raw material suppliers and customers.

» Focus on innovations in the animal feed industry
Past successes offer KSE guarantees for the future

KSE Process Technology is a company offering technically high-grade products and solutions for the powder, grain and liquid processing industry. With a continuous focus on innovations, the company is an important partner for the premix and compound feed sector. This year KSE is celebrating its 40th company jubilee.