»Breaking down Peptidoglycans by microbial Muramidase
A novel feed additive approach

Nowadays modern Poultry production focuses more and more on aspects of animal health and animal welfare next to optimized biological performance. This includes as key target ensuring an ideal gastro-intestinal functionality of the birds. Now a novel approach to achieve this target in broiler nutrition is given by supplementation of a microbial muramidase breaking down peptidoglycans in the gut. This approach goes far beyond present mode of actions from enzymes and eubiotics.

»Emission reduction in dairy cattle
Approaches via feeding

Within the context of adapting fertiliser and fertilising laws and ordinances and the current discussions on climate-relevant impacts of agriculture, the focus keeps on shifting to emissions from dairy cattle husbandry. It should be taken into account here that modern dairy cattle husbandry is not an end in itself. Generally, the keeping of dairy cattle serves to produce milk for human consumption. The target should therefore be the most efficient possible milk production. In this connection efficiency does not only mean cost efficiency, but also optimising the utilisation of nutrients.

»Soy protein concentrate
An efficient source of protein in animal feeding

Soybean meal is number one plant-based protein source used for animal feeding all over the world. In total 233,66 million metric tons of the soybean meal has been used for the animal feeding in year 2017-18. The popularity of the soybean meal is due to its balanced amino acid profile and abundant concentrations of the essential amino acids like Lys, Met and Thr.

»Deforestation-free soy
A comparison of sustainability requirements
The connection between agriculture and deforestation has been demonstrated by a large number of scientific publications and is widely acknowledged [1-3]. In the case of agriculture, a distinction is made between whether the deforestation is commercial, in other words covering large areas and intended for inter-/national trade, or whether it serves local livelihoods, in other words subsistence. While in Africa and Asia the shares of deforestation accounted for by these two forms of agriculture are roughly equal (each approx. 35%), commercial agriculture is by far the most important driver of deforestation in Latin America (approx. 65%) [1].

»Good communication – a recipe for success
What matters is how it arrives
We humans are constantly communicating with one another. And we don’t even need to talk to do this. We can communicate without words, simply by our gestures, our facial expressions and our body posture (which we also call body language) – at any time and anywhere.

»For a good start in life
Whey-based raw material for milk replacers and feed for young animals

Milk protein and vegetable fat are the starting materials for the whey fat concentrate produced by the French company Bonilait. Working in the milk replacer segment itself too, Bonilait supplies producers of milk replacers and compound feed plants with this whey fat concentrate. Located in the west of France in Chasseneuil near Poitiers, supplies of the raw material whey are ensured by farmers in the region. Bonilait belongs to the French Cooperative Sodiaal.