Issue 1-2/2021


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»Need for a heat stable phytase
Launching a heat stable phytase with reliable matrix values

Annual global feed production volume exceeds 1.1 billion metric tons, of which about 65% is monogastric feed (approximately 1/3 pig feed and 2/3 poultry feed). In Europe, about 60% of total feed production is monogastric feed with pig and poultry feed being equal. Little information is available on how much of this feed is subjected to a heat treatment, such as pelleting.

»Avoid lumps and dust
Distribute trace elements evenly in the feed

Formulating diets to meet the mineral requirements of production animals is critical to maximise health and production efficiency. The way that minerals are handled and mixed in the feed mill is important to maximise feed stability.

»Aquaculture trends
Correct and important

“All life comes from water!” And life is water. The water surface on our globe is over 70%. This means that only about 30% is land surface. According to scientific calculations, in 1970 there were 0.38 hectares of agricultural land available per person worldwide, this will be reduced to 0.15 hectares per person by 2050.

»How do consumers perceive the topic of animal feed?
A motive analysis by AMA Marketing yields revealing results

Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GmbH (AMA Marketing), as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the market regulation and paying agency Agrarmarkt Austria, has a statutory mandate. This includes measures to promote the quality of food and to market agricultural products at home and abroad. It also provides consumer-relevant information on food and agricultural products from conventional and organic farming.

»Harbro aims international growth
Focusing on research and innovations

Thanks to the development of technical innovations and services, the Scottish Harbro group has forged since 1977 a leading position in the British animal nutrition. Starting from a simple activity of manufacturing and selling pig nutritional supplements under the name of Harbro Farm Sales Ltd, the Harbro group is a “UFO” in the European feed landscape. For more than forty years, this private group has experienced regular growth thanks to successive acquisitions and an original policy underpinned by strong values: strategic partnerships, customer culture, human resources (people), innovations and quality.

»Unleash potentials
Retaining managers

Through structured personnel development, companies can not only strengthen their managers, but also retain them and thus actively promote the success of the company as a whole.