Issue 11-12/2018

Expert Round Table, Review and Outlook


»Breaking up anti nutritive effects
Get unused nutrients out of every feed with NSPase

In times when resources are becoming increasingly scarce and the need for improved efficiency is rising, carbohydrate-cleaving enzymes, such as ENZY Carboplus, are of particular significance. They remove the anti-nutritional effects of certain carbohydrates from the area of plant cell walls and thus increase the nutrient digestibility, and consequently zootechnical performance. In addition, they effectively prevent an increase in the viscosity of the content of the small intestine, which has a positive effect on nutrient resorption and gut flora.

»Improving protein efficiency in dairy cattle rations
Cutting costs and reducing excreta with ProtiSpar®

How high must the crude protein content in dairy cattle rations be today? In the face of the current tightening of fertilizer regulations this question needs to be asked again. However, in order to achieve high performance levels, our high-yielding cows must be provided with sufficient usable crude protein. The conversion of the protein (protein efficiency) can be increased with targeted feeding measures. This has a positive influence on the feed costs and would also lead to reduced nitrogen excretion.

»Anxious consumers
How much good conscience can they buy?

When shopping for food, consumers want above all to have a good conscience – as regards health, the environment and animal welfare. Whether required or expected production conditions really bring an advantage is relatively secondary for the decision to buy, and the economic efficiency of the animal husbandry is also ignored. Technical information is likely to be blanked out as too complicated. The uncertainty among the consumers thus also leads to uncertainty for producers. The average consumer doesn’t really want to be bothered with details of production. Seals and labels that take care of this for consumers and promise a good conscience thus have an immense competitive advantage over technical information. A panel discussion at EuroTier 2018.

»EuroTier shows prospects for livestock farmers
International platform and innovation engine for livestock farming

“With 2597 exhibitors and 155000 visitors, including 46500 from abroad, the EuroTier 2018 shows its importance as the world's leading trade fair for animal husbandry”, told Reinhard Grandke, CEO of DLG (German Agricultural Society), at the conclusion of EuroTier on November 16, 2018 in Hannover.


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