»No feed safety without knowledge and integrity
Rules and standards alone are not enough

With worldwide compound feed production expected to break a record again in 2019, customers expect that the animal feed chain will continue to apply the same strict rules and methods to guarantee safe food of animal origin. And rightly so. But as a sector we should continue to take into account the importance of “soft values” such as knowledge and integrity.

»Meet swine sulfur amino acids requirements correctly
L-Methionine – a modern, more sustainable and healthier source

Methionine (Met) is an essential amino acid in pigs. It is considered as the second limiting amino acid in the typical swine diets. Thus, supplementing Met to feed in order to balance sulfur amino acids (SAA) has a long history in swine nutrition.
»Milk thistle granulate in lactating sows
Influences on milk yield and suckling piglet growth

Mother’s milk (sow milk) is the most important source of nutrition for the piglets from birth up to weaning. The milk intake has a lasting influence on the fitness, vitality and weight gain of the suckling piglets. Enormous progress made in the areas of breeding, feeding, keeping and management has led to a continuous increase in sow performance. These improvements are coupled with major challenges for metabolism, particularly during the lactation period. As a central metabolic organ, the liver is responsible among other things for nutrient anabolism – constructive metabolism, dismantling, conversion and decontamination of nutrients.

»Aptitude diagnostics
Expedient or a waste of time?

The topic of aptitude diagnostics has gained pace in recent years. Hundreds of providers of a wide range of test procedures are vying for the favour of employers and their Human Resources Departments. The market is unclear and the uncertainty on the part of the human resource officers is sometimes high. The same applies for many candidates for posts who have picked up the gauntlet in the struggle for a fascinating career option and have now suddenly been asked to take part in an aptitude diagnostic test procedure.

»Promoting new ideas
An instinct for developments fills the portfolio – Interview with Dr. Antje Eckel

After growing with products that replaced antibiotic performance enhancers, 25 years later the company Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition in Niederzissen/D, is an established name in the market for additives. The jubilee was celebrated with an international “Ecknowlogy® Conference” in Bad Neuenahr/D at the beginning of November. On this occasion, FeedMagazine conducted an interview with the company founder and managing partner Dr. Antje Eckel.