Issue 11-12/2022

Technology, resource use


»Are plant-based foods the most sustainable alternative?
Farm animals are important in terms of the circular economy

It may seem that we are currently living in the midst of crises. In addition to the ubiquitous Corona crisis, the war in Ukraine is causing tanks to roll down European roads again. This is happening in the midst of an already existing climate crisis that is bringing deadly floods and scorching hot drought summers. All of these crises are directly related to both human and animal nutrition.

»Energy - a question for the future
Security of supply is central to all industries

Where do we get the energy to manage all the ongoing processes? No topic is currently being discussed more frequently: Is the energy supply secure not only in Germany, but in the entire EU? How full are the natural gas reserves in the storage facilities of the individual member states? The background to this is the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine and associated sanctions against Russia.

»Organic Poultry Production
Current challenges in the nutrient market

For poultry, methionine is the most important amino acid. In conventional production, it can be added to the feed as a synthetic additive. In organic production, this is not possible. With a natural feed supplement like MethPlus, feed rations can be optimized, raw materials better utilized and nutrient imbalances avoided.

»Adding value with rumen-protected feed ingredients
Microencapsulated nutrients help meet the energy and nutrient requirements of high-performing dairy cows

In dairy cows, many nutrients are metabolized in the rumen by microbes before they can reach the small intestine. Therefore, substances such as sugar are only present in low concentrations in the small intestine. This can become a challenge when it comes to diet calculation for high-yielding dairy cows. Fluid bed technology can help to microencapsulate nutrients, protecting them from ruminal degradation and allowing for a targeted release, thus specifically improving animal feeding with several benefits.

»Are your dairy cows prepared?
Prepartum magnesium butyrate supplementation for a smoother transition

Rumen-Ready® is magnesium butyrate formulated for release in the rumen of transition dairy cows during the dry period. It is well established that butyric acid promotes gut development in young calves, but why feed butyric acid to a mature ruminant? In this article, the answer to this is given along with the science behind Rumen-Ready® and its unique benefits for transition cows.