Issue 5-6/2021

Compound feed production in Europe

»Sustainable contribution of a nutritional emulsifier
Sustainable and economic benefit

Livestock farming is often seen as a major cause of pollution, producing a significant amount of greenhouse gasses, and for having an unreasonably high carbon footprint. It is therefore essential to find solutions to reduce the footprint of the industry. Orffa, a leading company in the development and formulation of novel feed additives, offers solutions which contribute to reaching that objective.

»Powerful combination for piglet feeding
More than an additive

In October 2020, Royal DSM, a global nutrition, health and sustainable living company, acquired the ERBER Group companies BIOMIN and ROMER LABS. BIOMIN, a company specialising in feed and animal health, focuses on mycotoxin risk management and sustainable, antibiotic-free animal husbandry. DSM Nutritional Products is a leading global supplier of feed additives with a broad product range of vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes and eubiotics. With the acquisition of BIOMIN, DSM Nutritional Products expands its market position as a provider of solutions focused on making agriculture more sustainable, both ecologically and economically.

»How dairy cow performance starts in the rumen
Durability in dairy cows

Over the past years attention for management of the transition period has grown as it determines the quality of next lactation. The second part of the dry period (‘Close up’) is all about preparing the cow for the event of calving and launch into the new lactation cycle. To achieve this, preparation of the rumen and prevention of metabolic disorders and post-partum diseases are key.

»Health aspects of whole egg powder
Booster for resilience of production and companion animals

Whole egg powder contains the valuable nutrients from a minimum of 70 healthy chicken eggs per kilo. Particularly noteworthy are the immunoglobulins from the egg yolk and the lysozyme from the egg white, which support the development of the immune system, especially in growing young animals.

»Nutritional balance and optimum feed intake
Managing feed intake challenges

Smell is the first contact the animal has with its feed, with taste just behind. Animal feed is formulated to best suit animals’ needs and performance for each stage of their life and health status. However, no matter the progress done in terms of formulation, raw material quality, environment, animals still do show feed intake challenges.

»Feed efficiency in piglets
Improved fat digestion
Feed efficiency is always a crucial issue in animal production. Like most animals, piglets need to grow quickly and efficiently. Therefore, high-energy diets containing a high proportion of fats are commonly used. These fats can only add value if they are digested. However, fat digestibility is limited in weaned piglets, which restricts efficient growth.

»Isoleucine requirements
Its role in crude protein reduction in broilers

After the incorporation of the major five amino acids namely lysine, methionine, threonine, valine and arginine, the commercial nutritionists are experiencing the pressure point on L-isoleucine to meet its requirements. Generally, L-isoleucine requirement is either being ignored or compromised due to it unavailability commercially.

»Oregano specialist from northern Germany
Interview with Thomas Logemann, CEO Dostofarm

Dostofarm, a medium-sized company from northern Germany, supplies customers in over 50 countries worldwide with innovative solutions based on natural active ingredients. The Dostofarm team sees itself as experts in the development, production and worldwide distribution of innovative products for animal and human nutrition based on natural active ingredients.