»L-methionine can replace other forms
Methionine hydroxy analogue (DL-HMTBA) and DL methionine are replaceable

Methionine is the first limiting amino acid in poultry diets and is also one of the limiting amino acids in other species. Feed rations high in corn and soya generally have a low methionine content. Adding methionine to optimise the amino acid profile of rations is accordingly long-standing practice in animal nutrition.

»How do zootechnical additives fulfill their mission?
The future of additives based on plant extract

In a European regulatory context for the re-evaluation of plant extracts, the future of these innovative solutions has potentially been compromised. Although FEFANA’s (European Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixture) Consortium FFAC (Feed Flavouring Authorization Consortium) still supports 190 raw materials, 70 of them have recently been banned. According to AFCA CIAL (The Supplements Manufacturers Association for Animal Feed), the main reason they have been banned is the complexity of documents required to be provided in order to obtain an authorization on the market.

»Dust reduction in feed production
 CFF fibre concentrates bind dust
In feed production the formation of explosive dust-air mixes cannot be entirely avoided. Dust from materials and processes occurs at the individual process stages and in transfer and transport. Preventive fire and explosion protection is accordingly a key element in production safety. Dust formation is also a major cost item with regard to health and industrial safety and the loss of materials.

»Effects on stability of live yeast
A data-mining approach to help understanding key-technological parameters

Efficiency and productivity in the feed industry are rapidly increasing to meet a growing consumer demand in terms of safe and sustainable animal products. In this context, the feed industry has adopted the use of additives as an alternative solution to replace the use of antibiotics.

»Soft skills and management
Why soft factors are decisive for success
Management is a complex area with many facets, and many managers have their own stories of hidden pitfalls.