Issue 7-8/2022



»Planning and control in the compound feed mill
Integrated control optimises the processes

Today, planning and control in a compound feed plant is more important than ever. Every process must be fully documented and, if possible, handled digitally. For this, the focus is not only on looking at a single problem or island, but on illuminating and analysing the entire process.

»When the lab comes to the sample
Fast and reliable analyses of raw materials and feedstuffs with mobile NIR spectroscopy

Technological advancements in the field of miniaturised NIR spectroscopy now open up new possibilities to perform reliable analyses directly where goods are moved or processed. Until now, the quality or nutritional value of feedstuffs and raw materials could only be determined on the basis of proven analytical methods using cost-intensive laboratory equipment.

»Proceedings of the annual conference of the GfE are published
Meeting took place digitally

The 76th Annual Meeting of the Society for Nutritional Physiology was held as a digital meeting from 8 to 10 March 2022. The proceedings contain a review article entitled “The past 25 years (1997 - 2021) of the Society for Nutritional Physiology (GfE)”.

»Improving gut wall integrity by zinc nutrition
Keep the gut wall healthy

The maintenance of a healthy gut and specifically the integrity of the gut wall is vital for efficient and cost-effective production in all species. Ensuring adequate zinc in optimum form can have a big impact on maintaining gut integrity and minimising the impact of challenges.

»Managing Feed Cost in a volatile Market
Counteracting with exogenous enzymes

The word ‘unprecedented’ is used liberally and often inappropriately. However, the current macro-economic and global political landscape is currently going through genuinely unprecedented flux. Economic recovery post-COVID-19 has driven strong inflationary pressures that are compounded by labor shortages and supply chain fragility. Global energy prices are extremely high, and many food staples are increasingly unaffordable for consumers.

»40 years of the DLG Working Group on Feed and Feeding
Overcoming challenges in animal nutrition together

The DLG working group looks back on 40 years of work and a successful anniversary event that provided important approaches for future work, especially in the topics of feeding and animal welfare, feeding and the environment, and feed and food competition with humans.